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It's made out of a yeast donut, dipped in hot sauce, topped with spicy crushed kettle chips, and has a hot sauce center.

Also of note, the donut can be picked off in small, bite size chunks, so you can dip it right in that saucy center if you like.

A novelty, to be sure, but even myself and the one other MTV News writer who legitimately loved the donuts wouldn't pop out for a Buffalo Crunch on the regular.

That aside, it's a great weird snack manages that maintain the integrity of being both a donut, and spicy buffalo sauce.

It's the creation of local owner Anthony Mc Eachern, who crafts unique donuts every year for the New York State Fair and Tim Hortons.

In previous years, he's made a donut that looked like a meatball sub, and this year he decided to embrace the spicy tradition of upstate New York.

For accommodations "lodgings and entertainment," see accommodation. Even in his most accommodating mood he inspires a dread of treachery.

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They were superb, everyone loved them and wanted to know where to get them blah, blah blah you can get them at your local Tim Hortons now.

Anyway, here's hoping Mc Eachern tops himself next year.

IT'S PRESS DAY FOR the Los Angeles Lakers, when the players meet -maybe endure is more accurate - the news media for the first time before the season starts. By nature, Earvin Johnson, who is better known by the nickname he was given as a high school basketball star in Lansing, Mich., is an accommodating man.

The Buffalo Crunch Donut tastes the way it should taste, was spicy enough that I got a little bit of a sweat going.

There are two main qualms I have with the donut, though.

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