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I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of love — what it means to people and what it evokes in people and how it motivates people, like to follow a sports team or take up a new hobby or, like, move across the country!But getting your heart broken can motivate you too.

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You’d know that you’re not alone [in your feelings] and hopefully feel comfortable just letting loose. [At first] I was thinking big: Like, wouldn’t it be cool if you could go to a nice hotel, or a spa, and just hang out with a bunch of girls and guys that are going through a similar experience — everyone’s heartbreak story is their own, of course — and just eat ice cream and watch chick flicks and play with puppies?

He asks Mike about which gym he goes to, and Mike's response is slow and sluggish, and it's obvious he's under deep enough for the hypnotist to start properly.

"Now, Mike, you came here because you're addicted to cigarettes, right?

He brings Mike out of his trance slowly, and turns off the music before pulling him out completely. Now, I suggest we make another appointment in two or three days, to see how you've been getting on and if you need another session." Mike nods. He didn't think it would do anything, but a buddy on an online fitness forum recommended this guy, and Mike figured he might as well try it. "I don't know..." Mike hedges, his eyes still glued to the guy's groin. "C'mon," the guy says, putting his hands on his hips. That you're fucking thirsty." He closes his eyes as he inhales deeply, and nods.

I will feel good sucking cock and swallowing cum." The hypnotist smiles, and reinforces the changed connection, to make sure that Mike's cigarette addiction is entirely rerouted to an addiction to, well, dick. It's a good sign, it means your mind and body were very relaxed and focused on my words. " * Mike doesn't feel any different after the hypnosis session. Those guys always walk off with their tail between their legs.

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