Black women hate white women dating black men

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The only question is when black men will jump again from white women to foreign women.If posts on the travel forum are any indication, they’ve already started.And now, people who have dated both sexes have revealed that it sometimes really does feel like men and women are from different planets.Whether it's the early flirting stages or a long-term relationship, bisexual men and women on Reddit say they have noticed vast differences in their romantic encounters with people across the genders.This year alone, we have SEVEN high profile engagements between billionaire men and what are supposedly (according to Western culture) the most undesirable women on earth—Black women.

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American man figures out what he has to do to be more attractive to foreign women, like soften his game or learn a new language.Black man realizes he no longer has to date black women to be happy.Even in Jim Crow days when black men were murdered for talking to white women, they still did it.As fat as white girls are getting, they are still not as fat as black women, meaning that you’ll have more black men crossing over.This has less to do with racial preference than beauty preference, and I’m not even considering the aggressive and entitled attitude that many black women have.

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