Blake lively dating penn badgely

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(Prior to their split, the two were more likely to swap spit in between takes, it seems.) Blake Lively And Ryan Gosling: Dating Or Not?According to , Blake and Penn broke up in mid-September and are "still good friends," which is nice, because, otherwise, it's going to be awkward next season if their characters, Serena and Dan, start dating again, and they are professionally required to make-out with each other and, you know, pretend the other person didn't completely break their heart and/or repulse them.“There’s a stigma about looking like you’re tying too hard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at all,” he said of his personal style.Spotted: Dark clouds hovering over Manhattan as Lonely Boy and S go their separate ways.Cue the sounds of dexterous teens and twentysomethings texting away: OMG Blake and Penn broke up! If these two can’t make it, is there any hope for us mortals?Reps for both Blake Lively and Penn Badgley confirmed to that the couple has ended their nearly three-year relationship in September (See: Happier times).When it was announced that Badgley would play Jeff Buckley in the film, which follows the late performer in the days...Read Full Story What do the stars of Gossip Girl act like behind the scenes? The CW drama may have signed off for good, but there's still plenty of unseen footage for Upper East Side devotees to enjoy.

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They’re both young, attractive, and rich, so sure, they’ll bounce back, but doesn’t an extra little piece of you die inside at the thought that may never be the same?

(A rep for The CW declined to comment.) Dan and Serena haven’t been dating since season two — and are technically step-siblings — but there’s always been a spark there (heck, we even said they belong together! And life seems to imitate art for Badgley, who recently admitted that he’s “not friends” with other cast members like Ed Westwick, which makes his on-screen disdain for Chuck that much more believable.

Maybe someone needs to get over their Hemingway Complex?

“But, it’s been wonderful to be in a relationship where we can both identify with what the other is experiencing.” One of those experiences that he hopes Blake is understanding about are his throngs of devoted “Gossip” fan – many who tend to be young women.

“When you’re involved in something like this, you have to work really hard to see it from the outside,” Penn said of the “Gossip” craze.

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