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[…] The Laffer curve is a compelling economic concept.It claims that government revenue as a function of tax rates is shaped as an inverted-U.The final version is an OSFM program not an SCFMA program.Although SCFMA participated in the process the final program is administered by the OSFM.

S Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) today announced that an amendment giving states million to combat the disease has been included in the final conference version of […] I just finished reading Burton Malkiel’s influential book A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Schieber was a practicing pediatrician, however for the last fifteen years he has worked as a medical epidemiologist for the CDC.

To Whom It May Concern In 2015 the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) reached out to the South Carolina Fire Marshal’s Association (SCFMA) to ask if there was an interest in our association sitting in on meetings to revise the OSFM issuing procedures and qualifications for a Certified Fire Marshal (CFM) card.

SCFMA accepted this invitation based on the experience of some of our membership in being able to qualify for issuance of the OSFM Resident State Fire Marshal card.

This was not the intention of the original card for it was only intended to be used for enforcement of OSFM regulations in the absence of a Deputy State Fire Marshal.

Due to the use of the card in this fashion, OSFM felt that this put them in a position that would cause some liabilities if not addressed.

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    A study in the says – not surprisingly – that marriage is sensitive to economic indicators, especially men's earnings, unemployment, and education. Smock, Wendy Manning, and Meredith Porter, co-habitating men and women want both to be employed to consider marriage, but it is more important for the male to show he can be a consistent “breadwinner." Here’s a rundown on how unemployment is affecting decisions of the heart: No Job? A recent study by Forbes Woman and Your Tango found that 75% of women polled would not marry a man who was unemployed.