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The sidekicks are trained in Hero Support class by a retired sidekick who had once worked with the Commander, but is unknown to Will since his parents had never made mention of him.

Will finally reveals to his father that he is only a sidekick and admits that he has no superpowers, but his father still maintains the belief that he will yet turn out to be a great superhero.

Will has an enormous crush on her, dating back to the day they first met, and the two develop a relationship.

As he proves his powers, he begins to grow more and more distant from his friends, including Layla, and eventually ends up standing her up for a dinner appointment in favor of hanging out with Gwen.

He visits the Secret Sanctum and realizes that the Pacifier has been stolen, and that Gwen is the reincarnation the person who invented it in his father's high school yearbook.

Meanwhile, the Commander and Jetstream arrive at Sky High.

Jetstream goes to him, only to find a crying infant under the clothes. However, his heroic moment is cut short when he is hit by the Pacifier's ray and begins shrinking into a baby. Medulla obliviously re-enters the Gym and is consequently turned into a baby, as well.

Gwen unexpectedly uses Will's house to throw a party for the heroes while his parents are saving the city.

The Commander and Jetstream are two superheroes who live in a suburban lifestyle and work as real estate agents under the names Steve and Josie Stronghold, as well as help the city.

Their son, Will, tries to live up to the family name, but has yet to reveal such powers.

, this live-action Disney flick revolves around Will Stronghold; son of the world's two most famous superheroes, the superstrong Commander (Steve Stronghold) and Jetstream (Josie Stronghold).

He is about to start high school at the titular Sky High, a school exclusively for people with superpowers and his parents' alma mater.

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