Dating aunties in visakhapatnam

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Whether I am liking relationship I will make him my Patner for my life.

One of my old couple friend Roy from Kolkata have ringed me and informed me that he is coming to stay with us for five days. I looked at the beauties with my cock throbbing for them. Sheetal joined us and seeing my friend sucking my cock said,” Ohhh! Let me give some cocks for sucking” Roy removed my Lund from his mouth and pushed the gown Sheetal was wearing above her head to make her naked.

On the scheduled day when he reached with his sister in our quarter in morning, my wife Sheetal and me became little offset. In morning Roy and his sister Shilpa had gone on some work. Sheetal was now moving her tongue on my cock and I felt waves of pleasure pass through my cock. This is the story when we were in Visakhapatnam, which is based on our true experiences that happened recently. Now both the women were naked and massaging each others boobs. Looking at her body I feel that she has played this game often and so let me tell her our secret. Let her know her brother also joins us in the games we play. I observed this and knew why she had left it like that.We are very good close friends and we have already swapped with them so many times previously . Sheetal immediately grabbed my Lund and pushed her mouth over the length.I watched Shilpa and she was about to shout with what she was looking at. Come on show my body.” Sheetal went to Shilpa and kissed her affectionately rubbing her hands on her naked back and slowly unhooking the Brassier in the process. Suck the cock of your own brother.” Shilpa did not need anything more and she hurriedly went to Roy, shaking her solid ass and took his cock in her hands. How I lusted after you when I used to see you changing. Suck me.” ” Ohh Bhaiya I wanted you from the day I saw you rubbing this cock in your room. As Sheetal licked the cunt, I started to lick Shilpa’s ass hole.I signaled her in and she slowly walked towards us. ” Sheetal came and with that Roy too ejaculated his seed. My wife removed the bra and exposed the twin jewels. She looked at it carefully and then taking out her tongue started licking his sensitive glans. I really wanted to fuck that virgin hole but was a bit afraid due to its tightness. As I licked the backdoor my tongue met with that of Sheetal’s and we played tongue game with each other.

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