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Gabriella angrily confronts Sharpay about her interference and quits her job at Lava Springs.

Troy overhears the exchange, and tries to persuade Gabriella to change her mind.

In 2009 two games of the tournament were played at Boreks Stadium, Borodianka in Kiev Oblast.

is a Disney and a High School Musical character in all of the games in the Super Smash Bros. Gabriella Montez's partner in the Super Smash Bros.

Fulton attempts to intimidate the group but Troy rebuilds their confidence and convinces them that they can persevere.

She was saying that she met Troy Bolton in her house. Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college.Chad and Taylor feel guilty for ruining Troy and Gabriella's relationship, and decide to tell them the truth.After Chad and the basketball team tell Troy what they did and offer to support him in callbacks, Troy goes to Gabriella's house and they make up. In High School Musical 2, Gabriella Montez was leaving in Gotta Go My Own Way for the car without either the main contestants of the show (Abigail Santos or Allen Ford's) permission.At the party, the two are thrown into singing karaoke together.They feel very attracted to one another, and exchange numbers before parting ways.

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