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Next is fucking and Caruso asks for a volunteer to take the bottoming duties.

Just speaks up right away for that position – he’s been waiting to get fucked by big, straight boy cock on Caruso’s set ever since he submitted his Bait model application. Josh just sits right down on that 7” cock and slides it up his aching hole in one fast shot.

Josh just about swallows that boy’s hot cock – he was so horny and anxious for Jake’s straight dick from the first moment he saw him.

Right before Jake was to return the dick licking favor, Caruso has them do a bit of sword fighting with their dicks in order to give Josh the opportunity to go in for some kissing.

With the preliminary boner tests done, Caruso needs to deliver the bad news – there’s no girl available for the shoot.Caruso says ”I thought you were going to freak out on us” and Jake just says ”it’s good money” so we let it go at that.With that matter settled, Caruso tells Josh to give Jake a hand and the horny, anxious boy quickly reaches for the straight dude’s cock and starts stroking.Josh applied to work for Caruso using the model application on Bait and was one of the lucky ones selected.Josh is newly from Ft Lauderdale with a slender yet sexy 6’3” frame that’s nicely defined and topped off with a great looking 7” dick.

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