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Individuals and businesses can choose to ban access to 1900 numbers to help keep their phone bills down.It’s a common practice for parents to put a block on these numbers to restrict their children from adding a large cost to the monthly phone bill.These phone numbers are set up so people can have access to certain information whenever they want it.If they read the fine print, they won’t get caught unawares when their phone bill comes in the mail.Popular TV shows such as American Idol and X Factor allow you to vote for your favorite performer.Avid fans of such shows ring up numerous times to vote and this all clocks up more money for the companies that do the advertising.1900 numbers are useful for competitions and games. These ads offer you the chance to win a new car, a house, a holiday or some other enticement to get you to dial the number and leave your details.They usually have a flat rate for the call and this varies from country to country.

This adult site contains the best UK submitted web phone sex sites offering genuine authentic adult entertainment.These numbers are excluded completely so you can’t expect to escape the cost if you wish to use them.You can’t dial a 1900 number from a cell phone in Canada or the US because the systems are set up so that you have to use their premium priced text messaging service as well.Businesses use these numbers so they can make money from each person who uses the service.Each business pays a service provider a fee for being able to use this service but then they make a high profit for each call.

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