Sex dating in afghanistan

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The amended Shia personal status law was passed by the Afghan cabinet in secrecy earlier this month.

Most of his marriages lasted for about three months—the shortest was three days long, with his bank teller, a Sunni from Pakistan.

Like most Shiites, he supports the concept of Mut'ah marriages, but says young Muslims like Selman don't take them seriously enough.

"The obligation is not over by saying a few words," says Alidina.

One Afghan activist involved in the process said: "The main problem is that the marital rape article is still there." However, an influential Shia cleric who championed the law said he had fought any amendment and blamed the row on foreign meddling.

Shiekh Asef Mohseni, said: "I was not happy but I agreed it should be published in this form."He added: "I did so in a situation in which our national sovereignty is being ignored and such issues are decided by several decision-makers."They came under pressure even after parliament and the president had approved the law and there is nothing they can do about it."Aides close to the president said the amended provided many safeguards for women.

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