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For example, the database contains over 3100 motors (including the Actro, Astro, Aveox, AXI, Graupner, Hacker, Jeti, Kontronik, Kyosho, Max Cim, Plettenberg, Scorpion, and Turnigy lines), and 250 different cell types.

If the motor you are using is not included in the database, Moto Calc will help you figure out its parameters from test data, catalog information, or from the specs of another similar motor.

MDT 2013 Update 1 does have its fair share of bugs which are being worked quickly and an update to resolve those issues will hopefully be out soon but luckily Keith Garner https://keithga.wordpress.com/ has written up many of the bugs with workarounds so you don’t have to experience the pain of figuring them out on your own.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2/R2 SP1 also available and provides deployment support for Windows 10 while you could use this I still recommend MDT due to the ease of use, separation of infrastructure, portability, No client in the image and the fact that MDT uses the administrator account vs.

Moto Calc will predict weight, current, voltage at the motor terminals, input power, output power, power loss, motor efficiency, motor RPM, power-loading, electrical efficiency, motor RPM, propeller or fan RPM, static thrust, pitch speed, and run time.

By producing a table of predictions, Moto Calc lets you determine the optimum propeller size and/or gear ratio for your particular application.

They may ask for proof that you have the right to print it, in which case you can refer them to this sentence in the PDF file: You are hereby granted permission to print a single copy of the PDF version of this document for personal use. This brief tutorial assumes that you have a model that you are intending to power with an electric motor (or more than one), whether that be a designed-for-electric model, or a conversion of a glow model.

If you are a bit more experienced, and know some of the components you want to use to power your model (for example, a particular motor or battery), you can tell the Moto Wizard this and it will try to choose a suitable power system using those components.After you use Schedule Builder, you will be able to view your class schedule in SISWeb as well.And if you’d prefer to register for classes the old way, you can still access SISWeb.Moto Calc's graphing facility can plot any two parameters against any other (for example, lift and drag vs. If you have particular requirements, such as a minimum run time, maximum current, or maximum power loss (which is dissipated as heat), you can use Moto Calc's filter facility to filter out the unacceptable combinations.To reduce the amount of information you have to deal with, Moto Calc comes with a database of motors, cell types, gearboxes and propellers, speed controls, and filters.

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