Validating eurail pass in italy

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The “flexible” tickets let you change your reservation an unlimited number of times, but that costs you 25% more.Of course, the downside to buying your ticket at the station right before departure is that, often, it’s too late to take advantage of any promotional fares.When you enter your options and click “Send,” the next page will show you a list of options around the time, and on the date, you selected.You might notice that under “Departure,” though, it doesn’t say Rome.Once you board, simply show the email with the PNR number to the conductor or the sms from your phone and you’re good to go!Once you’ve gotten your ticket and you’re at the station, look for a big, hanging board with all of the newest trains listed.Finally, be aware that, if you book your ticket online, you don’t need a printer to print it out.Instead, Trenitalia has electronic tickets, either via email or sms text message on your phone.

At the website, click the button that says “English” at the top.

That said, if you book in advance, you can change your ticket if you miss the train.

For the “base” tickets, which are cheapest, you can change your reservation only one time, and it has to be done within the hour after the booked train has departed; you can do it either online, at an agency or at the station, and you have to pay the extra amount if the new train is pricier (you can also get money back if it’s cheaper, but, as to be expected, that procedure is a little trickier).

How can you actually book one of these promotional fares?

When you get to the page with all the train options and times, select the one you’d like to take, then click “Continue.” Your various options, like a “base” or “flexible” ticket, will show up – along with any promotional fares, like the Bimbi Gratis offer, if they’re available.

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