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This is not actually how science works, but it’s cute to watch them try.The original issue was actually raised by Carl Sagan and George Mullen in 1972, because studying sun like stars shows that the sun should get brighter and hotter over time, but the earth’s geological record shows a rather steady temperature with the exception of one really cold phase.Tiscareno again:“[…] The evidence shows that the magnetic field has fluctuated back and forth in strength as well as direction.These fluctuations are clearly observed in places where the stratigraphy (i.e.which rocks are older than which rocks) is obvious due to either layering or distance from a sea-floor spreading ridge.

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So again, no young earth evidence.3 Soft Tissue in Fossils Ask the average layperson how he or she knows that the earth is millions or billions of years old, and that person will probably mention the dinosaurs, which nearly everybody “knows” died off 65 million years ago. Mary Schweitzer, however, has given reason for all but committed evolutionists to question this assumption.How can that happen if they were laid down separately over hundreds of millions of years and already hardened?This argument is the same as their “the geological column doesn’t exist” argument.Not really, because evidence shows a fluctuation in the magnetic field, not a constant decay as Answers in Genesis is claiming.According to Talk Origins the concept itself was dreamed up by two creationists who often had to use divine intervention in their explanations for the for the magnetic decay they claimed to have found, and according to Matthew S.

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